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"I've always wanted to write."

"My sister told me I should write down some of those funny family stories I tell."

"I find that I remember observations of people in the airport."

"I always thought I might like to write."

"I have a secret stash of poems."

We are all human, and human beings tell stories. This makes us all writers. Whether you have years of experience and published work under your belt, or you can't stop thinking about that story you wrote in Grade 11, or even if you've never put pen to paper before, know that you are a storyteller, and you are a writer

Writing together in workshop supports creativity and exploration, and our workshops provide a safe environment where new writing is nurtured and encouraged.

Fernwood Writers offers writing workshops in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, using the Amherst Writers & Artists method. 

The AWA method was developed by Pat Schneider, author of Writing Alone and With Others, and welcomes writers of all skill levels and life experience. Workshops provide a safe space in a small group setting to develop your writing and explore your creativity.

Come on. Tell your story.

Here's what some participants have said about Fernwood Writers:

"As someone who had always wanted to write but put it off, or questioned the validity of my voice, or asked myself the ubiquitous "do I have any talent" question that plagues many writers, Fernwood Writers Workshop was an absolute godsend. Karen Lee Pickett is a wonderful facilitator who de-terrorizes the written word for new writers. She helps to take ideas out of the incubation period so many of us get stuck in and provides the space, encouragement and community in which to bring them to life. Workshops are fun, supportive, creative and always surprising - a great atmosphere for creating new work or re-thinking ones current writing. I cannot recommend it enough!"

         -- Genevieve G.

"...thank you for the nurturing writing environment that you create. Your leadership is always encouraging and insightful. You see strengths in my writing that I didn't know were there."

         -- Anne Patton, author of children's novel 
Full Steam to Canada

"For me, the entire philosophy behind the workshop is a perfect fit. The word that best describes the experience is 'nurturing' – so much so that I'm  taking more and bigger risks in my writing than I have in a long time. And after feeling blocked for far too long, I now have a notebook full of ten weeks' worth of beginnings. That feels very exciting."

         -- L. K.

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