o n  t h e  l a m  productions


I   T h e e   W e d

by  Karen Lee Pickett

photo by Valerie Conrad

at the Toronto Fringe Festival
July 6 - 17, 2005

The Poor Alex Theatre, 296 Brunswick Avenue

One century. Three weddings. Two brides in love – with each other. Twenty minutes before walking down the aisle, Nona and Grace struggle with love and marriage as experienced through the lens of three time periods – 1901, 1952 and 2004.

Real-life couple Karen Lee Pickett and Lisa Hitch founded On the Lam Productions upon moving to Victoria, BC,  in 2003. They draw on their extensive experience with performing and teaching to create shows that are immediate, vital, current, and inherently theatrical. Last year, their production of Pickett’s supernatural fable Yardsale was awarded the Victoria Fringe Festival’s Best New Play of the Year. This year they make their debut at the Toronto Fringe Festival with I Thee Wed, which touches on an issue currently undergoing great debate in both Canada and the United States: gay marriage. But is this a new issue? This play looks at the historical underpinning of same-sex marriage, and how the choices of our past have echoes for our future.

Cast: Lisa Hitch, Karen Lee Pickett

Director: Britt Small

Stage Manager: Julia Cameron

Performance Times:

Friday, July 8, 9:45pm
Saturday, July 9, 4:30pm
Monday, July 11, 5:00pm
Tuesday, July 12, 10:45pm
Thursday, July 14, 7:30pm
Friday, July 15, 12:30pm
Saturday, July 16, 5:15pm

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